Why Does D'Sapone Seal the Corners with Sentura Instead of Caulk?

Why Does D’Sapone Seal the Corners with Sentura Instead of Caulk?

Why Does D’Sapone Seal the Corners with Sentura Instead of Caulk?

D'Sapone Admin, December 29, 2016

Acrylic, Silicone and all the latest caulks are very demanding since they are cheap and easy to work with. However, caulking poses significant performance issues and fails within months. We fix the problem for a lifetime as placing a temporary band-aid on the situation is not our style. D’Sapone has signed an exclusive deal with pFOkUS®, one of the leading restoration products manufacturing companies, to use their cleaners and sealers in the areas we service. We use Sentura – a caulk substitute for recaulking, which not only makes the appearance better, it makes everything better.

Sentura is a 2 part pigmented flexible solvent epoxy. We apply it with a 5 year warranty. Compare the difference between Sentura and caulk listed below.

The Caulking Curse:

  • Caulk dries up, peels and cracks in dry settings.
  • In wet condition, it peels and washes out of the corners.
  • It loses its bond, when certain cleaners are applied, causing stains to take place.
  • In showers, this process allows moisture to flow around the bathtub and into the all the corners, giving birth to mold on caulk that lurks in the humid environment.
  • Mold on shower caulk cannot be seen immediately and slowly, it grows throughout the entire surface.
  • Caulking and recaulking showers also makes the surface look unpleasant with its thick lines.

shower caulk not only looks bulky but also develops mold

Benefits of Sentura:

  • Other fillers come without adhesives, while Sentura is the only filler formulated with a 1200psi adhesion, protecting all the corners for a lifetime.
  • It can never be damaged by chemicals or scrubbing.
  • Replacing caulk in shower with Sentura will diminish the need to worry about the weather conditions.
  • It waterproofs all the corners preventing them from allowing the passage of liquids or moisture, causing mold and stains.
  • It will never peel or stain in any settings (dry and wet).
  • We can pigment it in more than 40 different colors that are undoubtedly enough to suit your project’s needs.
  • Sentura is excellent for shower caulking repair as it renders a lush natural look in all the corners with its sleek and durable lines.

shower corners sealed with Sentura to prevent staining and mold issues

Experience caulk free and stain free shower, floor and kitchen backsplashes for a lifetime. Banish the old tradition of recaulking and hire our experts to give you a permanent solution with Sentura instead. D'Sapone®’s artists are highly trained and use products manufactured by pFOkUS® only. We also offer a 5 years labor warranty on our services. Many other contractors and laymen still use the old concept of recaulking bathtub and shower corners. But now, with our new and innovative practice, we can replace bathtub caulk and shower caulk with the best caulk substitute. Contact D'Sapone® today to get rid of caulking shower corners.

Have queries regarding caulking? Ask us anything about caulking in the comment section below and we will clarify all your doubts. Your valuable suggestions and comments are also welcome on our social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.


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