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Saltillo Mexican Tile Restoration Service – D’Sapone

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If you love to create interior spaces that boast of artistry and nature then saltillo mexican tile are the perfect choice. These look great in patios, kitchen floors, pool decks or courtyards. This tile is very durable and easy to maintain when properly sealed. If you have this tile in your floorings, but find it looking dirty and dull, then we can help you with the best Saltillo Mexican tile restoration services from D'Sapone®.

Saltillo Mexican Tile Restoration - D'SaponeD'Sapone® – a paramount tile, grout, stone and glass restoration service provider in the US, offers high-quality Saltillo Mexican tile restoration service, including Saltillo Mexican tile and grout cleaning, repairing and sealing processes. As this tile is rustic, you need a team of experts with good-quality products and patented procedures to check for cracks and chips in the tile and seal it well. We at D'Sapone® have a team of experts who are trained in handling this rustic tile. We use products only made by pFOkUS® – a leading restoration products manufacturing company in the US. D’Sapone even provides a 5 year labor warranty on our services.

Before we proceed to our restoration services, you should understand the characteristics of this tile and the damages it is prone to.

Characteristics of Saltillo Mexican Tile:

  • The raw clay to manufacture this tile is dug from the earth in raw form. Saltillo is a very rustic stone, softer than ceramic also.
  • Water is added in the holes to keep the clay moist during the curing process.
  • Once the clay has been cured, it is shaped into molds using hands.
  • If you have certain animal footprints on the clay, you can be rest assured that you have procured authentic clay made outside. Similarly, if you find stark contrasts of color on a given tile, then you must know that it is not a manufacturing defect, but the result of the clay’s reaction to heat.
  • This tile comes with a lot of chips as it is rustic. These chips need to be restored when grouting the tile. You need a proper installation contractor to check for these chips. If you have chips in your rustic Saltillo Mexican tile, you can get them restored by D'Sapone® stone restoration service providers.
  • This tile needs to be re-sealed at the time of installation. It can be re-sealed even later by a good contractor. These are softer than ceramic tile and are more prone to damages, chips and cracks. Only sealing them well can assure longevity.

Why is Saltillo Mexican Tile Cleaning and Restoration Important?

People use this natural and rustic tile for their flooring which is very porous and tends to absorb moisture and dampness, leading to mold and mildew. The grout filled in between two tile is also very permeable and tends to absorb all moisture and liquid spills thereby becoming an excellent breeding ground for germs, bacteria and mold.

Grout needs to be efficiently cleaned to remove the stains and then sealed to prevent such occurrence again. A professional saltillo tile cleaning service can eliminate germs, stains and mold hidden deep inside the pores and render immaculate surfaces. Such professional results cannot be obtained by using home remedies like baking soda or commercially available cleaning agents.

By restoration services, we mean repairing the cracks and chips and sealing the grout and tile. This is also important if you want to maintain the beauty of your surfaces for long.

Saltillo Mexican Tile Restoration Service:

Our experts perform step-by-step restoration procedures that begin with first using strong cleaners to clean the tile and grout. After cleaning, they check for repairs. They next seal the grout and lastly the tile. Let us understand the steps in detail below:

Cleaning and Sanitizing Saltillo Tile Surfaces:

Many companies use acidic cleaners to clean the tile. We do not use acidic products as they tend to damage the surface. Our artists clean and sanitize your Mexican tile surface with our patented Mexican tile cleaning procedure. We use a high quality alkaline cleaner that is deep-penetrating. It gets into the pores of the grout and tile surface knocking off the stains, mold, mildew and previous sealers at the root level without damaging the surface. It is necessary to clean mold and mildew at the root level else they will breed again.

Saltillo Mexican Tile Cleaning Service -D'SaponeRepairing Grout and Tile After Cleaning:

Grout is a cement and sand mix which is filled in the holes between slate tiles and if not sealed properly, it tends to crack or wear off in places which looks terrible. It is also very permeable allowing the absorption of dampness thereby leading to mold, mildew and stains. Moreover, grout also develops cracks and chips. You can also find cracks and pits on the rustic tile. We use Sentura for restoring Saltillo tile and grout. Sentura is a versatile epoxy/resin filler with a 1200 psi bond. It has a great adhering capacity which fixes it to the grout and tile. You can shade Sentura in more than 40 different hues, ensuring a smooth and uniform look to the Saltillo Mexican tiles.

Protecting Grout After Restoring:

We perform grout sealing services after Saltillo tile repair and grout restoration. We use Caponi® – a two part pigmented titanium epoxy/resin sealer to safeguard the grout. Caponi® is available in more than 40 shades making it an excellent option for color grout sealing. It forms a waterproof layer on the grout, preventing it from further damage.

Sealing Saltillo Mexican Tile - D'SaponeSealing Saltillo Mexican Tile with High-Quality Sealers:

Only cleaning or repairing the tile and grout does not guarantee that the stains will not form again. Our Saltillo Mexican tile restoration service does not end at only cleaning or repairing the tile and grout. We also perform saltillo tile sealing to prevent further staining or mold breeding on the tile surface. Our topical sealer comes in two finishes – high sheen and low sheen. You can choose the kind of finish you want depending upon your interior design and preferences. Depending on the finish, the Mexican tile will look unique. Glossy finish adds more light to the room and the matte finish leaves more of a natural look.

Our restoration services bring back the lustre and sheen that once glistened on your flooring. Lured by these attractive services? Contact us today for the best Saltillo Mexican tile restoration services from D'Sapone®.

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