Is Shower Efflorescence Bothering You? We have a Permanent Fix!

Is Efflorescence in Shower Bothering You? We have a Permanent Fix!

SEO D'Sapone, October 31, 2018

The movement of soluble salts, which originate from stone work or masonary, gives rise to efflorescence that harms the tile and grout in showers. It is a white substance that reduces the beauty of the shower with its terrible appearance. D’Sapone is an expert restoration firm, who can make the unappealing surface look new with its patented efflorescence removal service. The issues with efflorescence and how we address them are explained below in detail…

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The Curse of Efflorescence in Showers:

Efflorescence damages all the cemented material in the shower. Additionally, it clogs the drain channels and from that point onwards, it spreads over the tile and grout. If this issue is not rectified in the initial stage, the efflorescence can crack the floor tile and grout diminishing the value of the shower. Our experts not just remove efflorescence on the surface, they shed it from the root.

Taking out Efflorescence:

To begin with, our artists remove the cover of the shower drain to clean it. Then, they clear all the bulk efflorescence from the tiles and grout lines. Our aim is to eliminate all the efflorescence from the root.

Efflorescence Removal Pushed Even Further:

After we scrape off the efflorescence from the surface, we then move on to chemically eliminating it. While performing the efflorescence removal service, our artists utilize Zido – an exquisitely designed cleaner from pFOkUS®, which drenches into the tile and grout to kick out the salts, causing efflorescence. It doesn’t leave behind any deposit or make the surface look bad.

Preventing Efflorescence Development:

We obstruct the growth of efflorescence with Sentura – a pigmented solvent based epoxy/resin, and Caponi® – a pigmented titanium resin. First, we repair the missing grout and replace the peeling caulk with Sentura. Then, we perform a grout sealing service utilizing Caponi®, which color seals all the grout lines. Both of these products secure and waterproof the shower preventing it from permitting the entry of water or dampness and thus avoiding any further issues. After we complete our restoration process, you will experience a well sanitized and hygienic shower at every level.

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The Reason behind Efflorescence in Showers:

Observe in the below diagram, how your shower is built when you have efflorescence issues and in some cases mold problems. The mud bed (concrete) isn’t protected with a waterproofing film. Underneath the mud bed, there is no pre-slant. Without both of these facilities, water won’t drip into the weep holes and the mud bed won’t dry out. This finally results in the growth of efflorescence in showers.

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Efflorescence can wreck the look of your shower tile and grout, if the best care isn’t taken. D’Sapone’s efflorescence removal service can settle your destroyed shower and will deliver that fresh look to the shower which you have always desired. Send us the images of your damaged shower surface to get your free estimate and experience a healthy shower everyday.


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