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Deliver your Shower Glass Door That Cleanliness It Deserves

D'Sapone Admin, July 19, 2017

Keeping the shower spotlessly clean throughout can be a tricky job as it is used constantly. And a stained or dirty glass door can just make your shower seem even a much hard chore. A combination of calcium and magnesium present in water creates hard dots on the surface after it dries, making the shower glass door look messy. Visible spots or scum on the glass door can make the entire shower look worse, no matter how clean the tile and grout are. D'Sapone® – the best tile, grout and glass restoration company, can improve the aesthetics of your shower.

Glass Cleaning Service

Our patented glass restoration service includes all the processes that can take your shower to the next level. Most contractors clean the glass doors using regular cleaners and sealers from big box stores since these products are easy to work with, but they pose significant performance issues when exposed to moisture or humidity. You will never catch us performing this act. We will restore your glass with high quality products designed by pFOkUS®. All of our restoration processes are listed below…

Cleaning Shower Glass Using Benaz:

Our quality glass cleaning process will eliminate all the hard water stains, soap scum and etching leaving your shower screens looking brand new. We will use Benaz – a richly designed soap scum, etching and water spot remover. Hard water and soapy buildup accumulate on the door while causing etching issues. Regular or cheap products just remove the buildup, but they never reverse etching. We can bring back that perfect cleanliness to your shower glass door without diminishing its value. Once we clean your glass, you will experience incredible cleanliness at every scale.

Benaz glass cleaner

Protecting the Door Using an Astonishing Sealer:

No matter how clean your glass door is, it will look bad within months with all the stains and etching, if not protected with a powerful sealer. Water still comprises of calcium and magnesium that will combine together deteriorating the aesthetic value of the shower. The etched or stained glass door can change the way your sanitized shower look. We will not just clean your glass, we will also seal it using Valore – a high quality glass sealer, which is better in every way. It will prevent water from creating hard dots on the surface while keeping a stunning shower. Get rid of all the hard water stains, etching and soap scum permanently with our astonishing glass sealing process.

Glass Sealing

Not only do we restore the glass, if you need a complete shower restoration, we will do it. Even you don’t need to mention to us what kind of restoration your tile and grout need. We will perform all the processes, such as cleaning, sealing and caulk replacement, to deliver your shower that fresh new look. We will clean the entire surface with Imperia – a deep penetrating cleaner, eliminating all the stains, mold and mildew. Then, we will replace the caulk using Sentura – a two part pigmented flexible solvent based epoxy/resin, and seal all the grout lines with Caponi® – a two part pigmented titanium epoxy/resin grout sealer. The best thing is, we offer a 5 year labor warranty on our restoration services.

Call us now @ (770)917-9200 today and get your free glass door restoration estimate or a complete free shower restoration estimate today.


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