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Why Hire a Professional for Shower Grout sealing?

D'Sapone Admin, May 2, 2017

If you really want your shower to last longer with no stains, one of the most important things you should not forget hiring a professional to seal the grout – a cement based material. Grout easily allows the passage of moisture or liquids, staining the surface. We at D'Sapone® – a leading tile and grout restoration company, can seal your grout the next level. We have been in the restoration industry for quite a long time now, and have delivered services to countless homeowners for quality tile cleaning and grout sealing processes they need.

Shower Restoration

Here are Some Benefits of Hiring D'Sapone® to Seal Shower Grout:

Removing Deep Stains and Mold:

Before we apply a sealer to the grout, we spray a deep penetrating cleaner to the entire tile and grout eliminating stains, mold, mildew, etching and existing sealers at the root. Regular cleaners don’t remove all the stains and also damage the tile and grout. However, our quality cleaner brings that perfect cleanliness without causing any issue.

Tile Cleaning

Preventing Grout Staining with Titanium:

Most contractors seal the grout using water based sealers, peeling and wear off the surface within months that allows mold and stains to take place. We have an exclusively designed grout sealer – Caponi®, which not just performs grout sealing, it makes the shower look beautiful with its more than 40 color options to choose from. Caponi® is a two part pigmented titanium epoxy/resin sealer, penetrating into the grout to close its pores and prevent the occurrence of stains and mold for a lifetime. It can never be damaged by harsh chemicals or scrubbing.

Sealing Grout

Keeping the Integrity of Shower Tile Components:

Not only do we seal the grout, we keep the component intact. Using cleaners and sealers from big box stores is nothing short of a burden as they damage the integrity of the surface while restoring showers. D'Sapone® has an exclusive deal with pFOkUS®, manufacturing exquisite restoration products. Restoring tile and grout with pFOkUS®’ cleaners and sealers is nothing short of perfection.

Offering a 5 Year Labor Warranty with Easy Maintenance:

Maintaining the restored tile and grout was also a tough job, until now. We made it easy with Valore – a green cleaner, keeping the durability of showers with less effort. It sanitizes and adds a coating protection to the tile and grout at the same time. Just spray it once a week to the surface and enjoy a healthy shower with a 5 year labor warranty.

Contact us today at (770)917-9200 and make your shower look new for a lifetime.


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