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SEO D'Sapone, July 26, 2018

Everybody likes to have stain and mold free shower floors and walls. However, the fact that your tile surface will fall prey to stains and mold with the passage of time is extremely true if you opt for the wrong grout restoration service. The reasons for why bad looking grout makes a surface look dreadful and why D’Sapone artists do not perform shower regrouting service are all mentioned underneath…

The Problem with Grout:

  • Grout sponges up moisture, even the dirty moping water, letting stains and mold to occur. Grout cleaning with poor quality cleaners from huge box stores does not expel all of the stains from the surface. Rather, it furthermore harms the magnificence of the surface.
  • Carrying out a shower grout sealing service with water based sealers will peel in months, making the surface look dreadful. Most restoration experts perform re-grouting to dispose of cracked, missing and stained grout since it is an easy technique. In any case, it will peel off in months while lessening the magnificence of the surface.


How D’Sapone Deals with These Issues?

D’Sapone is one of the leading tile and grout restoration firm in the U.S.A. We have changed the restoration business with the usage of best quality cleaners and sealers manufactured by pFOkUS®. Despite how harmed your tile and grout are, we will never perform a shower regrouting service as it is a temporary fix. We can take your tile and grout back to that sanitized look with our detailed processes that are mentioned below…

Cleaning Grout with an Exquisite Cleaner:

Has your stained grout destroyed the look of your whole surface? We will make it look new again with our incredible tile and grout cleaning process. Our artists will first apply Imperia Deep Clean to the floor and wall. It will penetrate into the tile and grout while stripping stains and mold from the root. Thereafter, it will also discharge any pre-existing sealers in your tile and grout. Unlike other cleaners, our products won’t damage the magnificence of your tile and grout.

Grout Sealing with a Titanium Sealer:

Grout is vulnerable and even the most capable cleaners will not be able to expel all of the stains. Contractual workers use acid based cleaners, which will moreover demolish the beauty of the entire surface. We won’t simply eliminate the stains, we will also prevent its occurrence with our quality shower grout sealing service utilizing Caponi® – a two part pigmented titanium based solvent epoxy/resin sealer. It will soak into the grout lines while making them waterproof to defeat stains and the growth of mold. It will neither peel nor will be harmed by chemicals or scrubbing. Our artists will seal grout by picking the ideal shade of Caponi® from its more than 40 color varieties.

Sealing the Grout Atlanta

Repairing Cracked or Missing Grout with Sentura:

In order to dispose of cracking issues, most contractual laborers substitute old grout with new grout, which is only a band-aid fix. But, we will repair your cracked or missing grout utilizing Sentura – a pigmented two part solvent based epoxy/resin. It is formulated with a 1200psi adhesion that will protect the grout for a lifetime. Our artists can color match this product in more than 40 color varieties to suit your necessities. When we repair your grout with Sentura, it will look delightful for a lifetime.

Re-Grouting-Repairing -DSapone in atlanta

What are you sitting tight for? It is high time that you opt for a professional shower grout repair service. Reach us now @ 800.781.7718 and get your free grout restoration estimate today.


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