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Pushing Slate Shower Restoration Even Further

D'Sapone Admin, March 13, 2017

Installing slate on the shower floor and walls creates an appealing and natural look. The stone is beautiful to look at, but it can be tricky to maintain, especially in wet settings like showers since slate is such a porous stone. It can be slowly harder and harder to clean the surface, which is a common issue in high humidity areas where the stone and grout has not been restored with the correct products.

Tired of looking at the stained and moldy slate tile and grout? Properly cleaning and sealing is key to preserve the look of your shower and prevent damage to the slate surface. Only D'Sapone® is able to achieve that look for a lifetime with its patented shower restoration processes, which are discussed below…

Deep Cleaning Slate Tile and Grout:

Deep cleaning and sanitizing the shower is an essential part of a successful restoration. Releasing all the stains, mold, mildew, any soils and sealers has become second nature to us with a quality slate cleaning process. We spray Imperia – an exquisitely designed cleaner, throughout the surface. It delivers that cleanliness which you have never imagined without degrading the stone’s value.

Cleaning Slate ShowerEliminating Caulk and Repairing Cracks:

Filling caulk in all the corners and replacing the cracked tile and grout is nothing short of a burden as these processes offers a temporary solution with an unpleasant appearance. Caulk will lose its bond and fall out of the joints, when exposed to ongoing moisture, causing mold to lurk in the corners. However, regrouting or replacing the cracked tile with the new tile will fail within months while causing staining issues. We repair the cracks and replace the caulk with Sentura – a two part pigmented flexible solvent epoxy/resin. It is formulated with a 1200psi adhesion, which will never peel or wear off the tile and grout. It makes the surface waterproof while leaving it with a lush natural look.

Waterproofing Grout with Pigmented Titanium:

Grout needs to be protected with the correct sealer, keeping its durability. We waterproof the grout with a pigmented titanium sealer – Caponi®, which one coat is enough to cover all the grout lines. Caponi® penetrates into the surface preventing it from staining and allowing the occurrence of mold. It is a chemical resistant sealer, which is available in more than 40 color options.

Sealing Slate Tiles with Clear Resin Sealers:

Slate comes with all the crevices, absorbing liquids or moisture continuously that cause mold and stains. Keeping the durability of the unsealed slate tile is impossible. Slate tile sealing should always be performed after cleaning. We coat the surface with Repela-Bond or Celine. Repela-Bond is an invisible clear resin water based sealer, closing the pores to prevent the passage of liquids or moisture without changing the stone’s look. Celine is a clear topical solvent based natural look sealer, soaking deep into the slate while delivering a bold hydrophobic experience. Unlike other products, our sealers never peel or wear off the tile and grout.

Experience a healthy slate shower everyday with no mold and no staining issues with a 5 year labor warranty. To get a free estimate, visit


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