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Is your Slate Stone Hard to Keep Clean?

D'Sapone Admin, February 22, 2017

Slate is a natural stone, adding a refined beauty to interior spaces with color variations. Architects install slate to make a statement that it will deliver endless design possibilities. Yes, slate lasts to an eternity, only if it is sealed with high quality sealers, else it is nothing short of a burden. Other contractors apply low class sealers to the stone that peel within a short period of time and allow the occurrence of mold, mildew and stains.

Applying cheap cleaners and sealers doesn’t suit our standard. That’s the reason why we signed a deal with pFOkUS®, designing high quality restoration products. We have revolutionized the restoration industry with our natural look clear resin sealants, delivering a bold hydrophobic surface. Bringing a glamorous look to the unsighted slate stone is just second nature to our artists.

slate stone restorationProblem with Unsealed Slate:

  • In dry settings, the unsealed slate continuously releases dusts, creating a dusty surface.
  • In wet settings, it retains moisture, causing mold, mildew and stains to take place.

How Does D'Sapone® Deal with These Issues?

Cleaning Slate with Imperia Cleaner:

Mold and stains seep deep into the stone. We eliminate all the stains, mold and mildew with our quality slate tile and grout cleaning process. We clean, prep and sanitize the surface with Imperia – a penetrating cleaner, bringing cleanliness at every level

Protecting it with Celine Sealer:

Once we seal your slate with Celine – a solvent based clear topical solvent sealant, its stunning look will come to life with astonishing colors. Even, you don’t need to mention to us about the needs of your stone. Celine’s clear resin formula prevents slate from releasing dust and retaining moisture. It penetrates deep into slate while delivering a perfect lush protection to the surface.

Notice in the image shown below, the bottom stone is unsealed and is absorbing the liquid, causing mold and stains. However, the Celine treated slate at the top is looking gorgeous in dark color and is preventing the passage of the liquid.

slate sealingApplying Caponi® to the Grout:

Celine can also be applied to the grout, but we use Caponi®, delivering an incredible grout sealing service. Caponi® – a 2 part pigmented titanium resin sealer, has been specially designed to seal all the grout lines. It creates a waterproofed surface while soaking deep into the grout to prevent liquids or moisture from staining it. Caponi® is available in more than 40 colors to suit your project’s needs. It cannot be damaged by harsh chemicals or scrubbing.

We carry a 5 year labor warranty on our slate restoration services. Imagine a slate floor and slate shower, which are far beyond your imagination. Why just imagine? Call D'Sapone® today and experience it every day.


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