Restoring Slate Tile with Exquisitely Designed Products

Slate Tile Restoration with Exquisitely Designed Products

D'Sapone Admin, August 1, 2016

Slate is a natural stone, which looks pretty with color variations. It is available in a range of earth tone colors, adding a rustic touch to the interior or patio of your home. Slate stone raises the appeal of your home, only if it is maintained with quality products. It releases dust and absorbs moisture, giving birth to mold in shower areas. Imagine a slate floor or shower, which stays immaculate with little effort to keep clean. If your slate tile has endured some wear and tear over the years, then a thorough slate tile restoration can bring the sheen back on your stone.

D’Sapone® made its appearance in the restoration industry to deliver a service that you have never imagined before. Performing slate floor restoration on an epic scale is second nature to us. We only apply cleaners and sealers designed from pFOkUS®®, which is listed as one of the best restoration product manufacturing companies in the world.

Natural Look Penetrating sealer Slate stone showersQuality products to restore slate in D'Sapone®’s  Arsenal.

Imperia Cleaner

First, we apply our exquisitely designed tile and grout cleaner – Imperia Deep Clean to the surface to remove stains. It penetrates deep into the stone to eliminate the mold, mildew and stains. It is the best product for cleaning slate tile.

Repela-Bond Natural Look Penetrating Sealer

For sealing slate tile floors, we use two types of sealers, one for giving a natural look and the other for giving a glossy shine. This one is a natural look water based sealer – Repela-Bond, which creates a perfect lush protection on slate stone. Apart from sealing the natural stone, Repela-Bond also seals grout. It soaks deep into the slate to create a hydrophilic surface, preventing any liquid from staining the stone. Repela-Bond protects slate from stains for a long time without changing its appearance..

Slate clear sealed AfterCeline Topical Sealer

If you want to raise the appeal for your stone, we will seal it with our natural stone sealer – Celine, leaving a slight sheen with edge to edge protection. The moment we apply Celine – a clear solvent clear topical sealer, the gorgeous colors of slate will come to life. It is not possible to keep the unsealed stone clean as it releases dust continuously and also flakes off in large pieces. In wet settings, slate retains moisture that causes mold and stains to take place. After sealing slate tile with our powerful solvent sealer, you can overcome these issues and make your surface waterproof.

SlateCaponi® Grout Sealer

A 2 part pigmented titanium resin, Caponi® is available in over 40 colors and we apply it according to your project need. Sealing slate tile before grouting can make your tile look stained and hazy. Grout is porous, retaining moisture that causes the occurrence of mold and stains on the surface. Unlike other contractors, we don’t use water based sealers, which are cheap and peel overtime. Our colored grout sealer – Caponi® soaks deep into grout to create a waterproofed surface and prevent future staining. It is a chemical resistant sealer that cannot be damaged in any condition.

Sentura Filler

We fill the holes of your stone and rectify the tile and grout cracking issues with a tile crack repair epoxy – Sentura, which is a 2 part solvent resin filler. The fillers available on the market come with no adhesives and that’s the reason why they pop out within months. Designed with 1200psi adhesion, Sentura will never pop out. We pigment it to match the colors of your tile and grout as close as possible.

Valore Maintenance Cleaner and Sealer

After completing our job, we suggest our customers to buy Valore to have easy maintenance and long time warranties.
Slate tile restoration when done with exquisitely designed products delivers the best results. D'Sapone® – one of the leading stone and grout restoration service provider companies offers immaculate services. Many contractors use low quality products which do not give desired results. Our company is different from the other contractors as we have patented our services and procedures. Our experts are highly trained and we use the best products manufactured by pFOkUS®. We also offer a 5 year labor warranty on our services. Contact us now to get your free estimate.


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