This Easter Give Your Tile and Grout a New-Makeover!

Stained or Ugly-Looking Tile Flooring? Then This Easter Give Your Home a New-Makeover!

SEO D'Sapone, April 19, 2019

Did you just realize that coming Sunday is Easter? Are you worried about the ugly-looking tile flooring in your house which will be noticed by all your family members who promised to drop in to celebrate the festival with you? Apart from serving a delicious and scrumptious meal, you also need to take care of your surroundings. An immaculate and uncluttered house will definitely garner accolades of praises from your friends and family on your house keeping skills. If you have ugly looking and stained tile flooring, then there are some efficient ways which can help you spruce up your surfaces. Let the coming festival be a reason to give your home a long due makeover. Here is what you need to look into for your Easter home improvement…

Tile and Grout CleaningFirst things first, make a list of all the areas of your house which will be most visited and noticed by your guests. Bathrooms should come first in your list as a clean bathroom often speaks about the way you maintain your homes. Next in the list should be your flooring. Also pay attention to your grout. Let’s see how you should tackle these areas step by step…

Cleanse and Disinfect your Tile and Grout


The extreme humidity in the shower can lead to mold and mildew development. If you have used natural stone in your shower, the porosity of the surface, will make water seep in the pores. Grout is also porous just like natural stone. Mold and mildew love to breed in damp and moist areas. They reek of a bad odor and also ruin the look with their greenish black residue. Mold also causes health hazards like eye and respiratory problems. You don’t want your guests to find a disgusting look flooring when they use your washroom. Dining area is where your guests will sit and enjoy the feast. Ensure that the flooring here is neat and tidy and also free from stains.


Use a penetrating cleaner to knock off the deep-rooted mold and stains from the surface while performing stone repair and restoration. An alkaline cleaner is most recommended for tile and grout cleaning, because it will not cause etching on the surface. A thoroughly sanitized surface speaks for itself and also enhances the look of your decor.

Repairing Damages:


It is common for grout to crack or go missing in some places, giving a very unmaintained look to your overall surface. Cracks and holes in tile not only ruin the look of your flooring but also make water stagnant in them. Stagnant water, again, is excellent for mold and mildew breeding. The sharp edges of your flooring might hurt anyone walking barefoot on them.


Ensure that you repair all the cracks in your tile and grout using strong resin fillers. New age resin fillers perform a seamless tile and grout repair job without imparting a bulky look and get a sleek and natural appearance of your flooring.

Protecting your Tile and Grout:


Only cleaning and repairing tile and grout does not guarantee that stains will not form again. You need to seal the surfaces and make them waterproof to avoid further water absorption and eventual mold breeding.


Your Easter home improvement will go the next level, after you seal your flooring. Once the grout and tile are ripped off tough stains and mold, you will find a scoured surface beneath. It is best to then seal the surface to keep it clean and maintained for long. Once the grout lines are completely dry, you should coat them using an epoxy resin sealer, making the surface waterproof to prevent further staining. If you have installed natural stone tile in your flooring, you can use a waterproof sealer to seal the surface, thereby preventing staining issues.

If all these procedures seem a bit overwhelming and you feel that you do not have the time for tile and grout restoration, you can contact D'Sapone®. We have a team of professionals who are highly-trained and also quite passionate about perfection. We promise to render you a perfect Easter home makeover, that will make all your guests gush over your maintenance skills.


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