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Re-imagine the Way Stone, Tile and Grout are Restored. It’s Just the Beginning.

D'Sapone Admin, April 21, 2017

D'Sapone® has revolutionized the restoration industry with its most sophisticated stone, tile and grout cleaning and sealing services. With so many ways to contribute to your success, chances are good you’ll find that opportunity you have been searching for. We provide entrepreneurs significant growth opportunities offering multiple restorations channels, all under one franchise.

With over 12 years’ experience in the restoration industry, our business model was designed to the very last detail and then some, resulting in a recession proof investment. With minimum overhead, start up cost, and marketing, our low cost services are in demand, regardless of the economy.

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Join an Innovative Restoration Franchise – D'Sapone®:

D'Sapone® is now in six states, including, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, New York and Oklahoma. We are the only restoration company to offer 5 year warranties with our tile and grout restoration processes, no matter how destroyed the floor, shower or countertop is. We have discussed below how we are different than other companies…


You will love how we complete most restorations in one day. In fast paced cities, our focus was to deliver a system in which a technician saves time, driving less each day and carrying less equipment.


Our products and services never fail as getting callbacks from customers is not our style.


Our cleaners and sealers are formulated with high quality raw materials and the service is top notch. We have an exclusive agreement with pFOkUS® – a leading restoration product manufacturer, to use their exquisite products in the areas we service.

Superior Customer Service:

Winning Angie’s list award 9-years straight, customer service comes second nature. Not only do we educate our customers to the very last detail, we also give them a piece of mind.


Our products or services inspire people to restore more. We will tell you to “clean different” with products, such as Valore – a powerful maintenance cleaner, eliminating the need of scrubbing. After we restore your tile and grout, you can keep their look easily with the use of the Valore that also extends our floor, countertop or shower restoration warranty up to 5 years.

We have the Most Powerful Estimation Software:

We take all the business fundamentals out of the day to day operations with our state of the art software. Its unique design and flow, from the inside out, give franchises a powerful, full-featured reporting, estimating, communication, training and accounting system. With an easy-to-use interface, amazing features, and security at its core, makes navigation and learning a breeze. All of these innovations are packed into one application designed to be accessed from your phone, tablet or desktop.


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