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An Astounding Approach to Travertine Stone Restoration

D'Sapone Admin, August 30, 2016

Travertine is a natural stone, forming in limestone caves and has holes inside that are caused by the evasion of carbon dioxide. Its charming colors bring an astonishing beauty to your home, which lasts forever, only if proper care is taken with quality products. We deliver a wide range of services for the stone, such as cleaning, honing, repairing and sealing. We have highly trained artists, who strive hard to bring perfection with our patent travertine tile cleaning process, giving you that sanitize shower.

Travertine-Healthy-Shower-D'Sapone-Shower-RestorationBuying products from big box stores, which are cheap and easy to apply, is not our style. We are perfectionists believing in perfection with high quality restoration products. That’s the reason why we have signed a deal with pFOkUS®, giving us exclusives to its incredible cleaners and sealers. Your travertine will lose its beauty and will peel within months if not restored correctly. Our artists pay attention to each detail and restore the stone at the next level with pFOkUS®’ products, which are given below:

Imperia Cleaner

Imperia is a cleaner, which penetrates deep into travertine to eliminate all the stains.

Sentura Filler

Sentura is a 2 part solvent resin filler that fills the holes in your stone as well as repairs cracks in your travertine tile and grout. Most contractors use fillers without adhesives causing their repairs to fail within a few months. Sentura is designed with a 1200psi adhesion and will never pop out. We color match Sentura to your travertine stone and grout to render a natural aspect for your home.

Unlike other contractors, we don’t use caulk as it invites stains, mold and mildew to your shower within months. In showers, caulk peels and wears off the floor and causes the birth of mold, which loves to lurk in wet environment. Mold first takes place in the corners and then grows throughout the entire surface in just a few days. We replace the caulk with Sentura filler that waterproofs all the corners with its thin lines and halts the growth of mold.

Celine and Repela-Bond Sealers

Both are natural look oil based sealers, creating a perfect lush protection on the travertine floor. Celine and Repela-Bond seal the stone and grout. They penetrate deep into travertine in order to create a hydrophobic surface and prevent future staining. A clear topical solvent sealer, Celine also leaves a slight sheen to raise the appeal of your stone.

Travertine Sealing Clear TopicalCaponi® Grout Sealer

We highly prefer Caponi® to seal all the grout lines. Formulated at a 2 part pigmented titanium resin level, Caponi® comes in more than 40 colors that are undoubtedly enough to match your current grout color. It will never damage with the use of harsh chemicals. Caponi® soaks deep into the grout preventing the occurrence of stains.

Our 5 Year Labor Warranty

All of our healthy processes come with a 5 year labor warranty.  We highly suggest to our customers to maintain their travertine with pFOkUS®’s Healthy Care Kit. It will not only keep you surface sealed and cleaned with Valore, it will extend your manufacture product warranty 10 years. Valore comes in a small aluminum bottle and is easy to use. Just spray it on your surface once a week and keep your travertine floor always stunning.

We use these mentioned cleaners and sealers engineered by pFOkUS®, which are undoubtedly enough to restore your travertine stone and grout on an epic scale. To learn more about our travertine restoration service.


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