Why We Are Different from Other Tile and Grout Cleaning Companies?

Why We Are Different from Other Tile and Grout Cleaning Companies?

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Every individual house or a building requires regular restoration on their hard surfaces such as tile, grout and glass. Dirt, dust, sticky grime, mold, mildew and stains are inevitable and one needs strong and efficient procedures to keep these villains at bay. You may think that cleaning is a basic skill that can be done by everyone. But, when it comes to maintaining these hard surfaces, there is a lot of science and technology involved. There is a constant requirement for tile and grout cleaning companies for getting restoration services.

It is their job to restore temporarily so that they get regular business. They also do not have knowledge about better procedures. Most companies only focus on making money without investing without upgrading their technologies. It is here that D'Sapone® begs to differ. We offer restoration procedures that deliver permanent results. This blog is our attempt to inform you on what gives us an edge over other companies.

“Some highlights and key features that make D'Sapone® better than other tile and grout cleaning companies. Our patented procedures and high-quality products give us an edge over the others.”

D'Sapone - Tile and grout cleaning serviceThe Beginning, The Idea, The Inspiration:

On June 24, 2005, three passionate leaders successfully established their dream venture. The company named Atlanta Grout and Tile Care was created for restoring tile, grout, stone, and glass for residential and commercial complexes. The company was doing well until in July 2007, our leader invented a shower restoration system including color sealing grout with a titanium pigmented solvent sealer instead of re-grouting. Before that, they used water-based sealers and silicone caulk as no solvents had been developed yet.

However, these traditional cleaning, caulking, and re-grouting processes did not prove to be a success as they received a lot of call-backs from customers regarding mold, mildew, and caulk peeling issues.

‘Take Inspiration from Failures’.

This is exactly what they did and decided to improve their procedures and products. After thorough market research, they realized that there is still no product on the market yet that could give permanent solutions to caulk peeling or cracking, mold formation, and grout cracking issues. It is at this time, they decided to formulate their own products that were shower-friendly.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

After years of research, our company partnered with pFOkUS® – a leading restoration product manufacturing company in the US, and together, they successfully formulated high-quality shower and floor restoration products, which were designed on the next level. When they were totally satisfied with these revolutionary products, they reverted to their old customers offering free restorations in their showers until they were fully satisfied.

With the help of our patented procedures and revolutionary products, we are able to offer a 5-year labor warranty on our services. This was indeed the first kind of gesture any professional tile and grout company would offer to their customers. And, it was this gesture that helped to regain the lost trust.

At this point, Atlanta Grout and Tile Care were renamed to D'Sapone®, and today we deliver our services in multiple locations in the US, such as California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, and New York. Today, pFOkUS® is the sister concern of D'Sapone®. pFOkUS® is a professional tile, grout and glass restoration products manufacturing company and D'Sapone® is a tile, grout, and glass restoration service provider. D'Sapone® has signed an exclusive deal with pFOkUS® to use its products for our restoration services. This amalgamation proved profitable to both the companies who now move ahead hand-in-hand delivering magic to commercial and residential restorations.pFOkUS® productsD'Sapone® Delivering Magic to Commercial and Residential Complexes Restorations:

Expert Artists:

You can ask any of our artists about your tile and grout specialized care and each one will be able to explain to you in-depth about our services, restoration necessities and about our products. Our artists know how to handle any kind of restoration tasks. They are first taught on how to use our high-quality products. Not only the process, they also explained the science behind the formulations, the reactions that take place on the surface and the end results.

Advanced Procedures:

Many tile and grout cleaning companies just clean the surface with regular cleaners, etching tile and grout while damaging its integrity. If they perform sealing, they apply water-based sealers, peeling overtime while making the surface look worse. If they find damaged tile and grout, they perform tile and grout replacement. Similarly, when there is a caulk peeling issue in the corners, most restoration companies go for re-caulking.

While pFOkUS® designed powerful products, such as Imperia Deep Clean, Caponi®, Sentura, and Celine. Unlike other companies, we invented our patented deep tile grout cleaning process with Imperia Deep Clean, which deep cleans the surface without affecting its integrity. Instead of regrouting, we perform grout repair with a durable color seal known as Caponi® – a 2 part solvent titanium pigmented epoxy resin and Sentura – a solvent-based two-part pigmented flexible epoxy resin with 1200psi adhesive.

We also abolished the caulking issues with Sentura. Instead of water-based sealers, we perform grout sealing with Caponi® and we also create a hydrophobic surface with our natural stone sealing process using Celine.

Reliable Offers and Guarantees:

D'Sapone® is the only restoration company that offers a 5-year labor warranty on shower and floor restoration services.

“Trust is the foundation on which all relationships are built”.

With our guarantees and offers, we do not only wish to satisfy our clients but also to build a life-long relationship with them. This itself proves how confident we are about our patented procedures and how easy it is for a customer to have trust in us.

D'Sapone®’s Restoration Services Explained:

Cleaning All Tile with Revolutionary Cleaners:

Most people install natural stone on their floors and walls as it raises the aesthetic value of the surface. But, natural stone tile is porous and tends to absorb water and moisture into its pores. The dampness inside its pores leads to mold and mildew breeding. Any other food spills also penetrate deeper within and become more dense and stubborn. It also chips or cracks due to heavy impact. This leads to holes and crevices which lead to water stagnation and subsequent mold breeding. It also may hurt anyone walking barefoot on the surface.

People also install ceramic, porcelain and non-natural stone tile as they don’t require heavy maintenance and deliver a beautiful appearance. These tiles do not absorb water as much as porous tile. But, if the right care is not taken, these do get stained, chipped, and dull. The superficial dirt, dust and greasy grime settling on the surface makes your tile appear stained. It also gets etched by using acidic cleaners. Over a period of time, your surfaces may become absolutely dull and lustreless. Moreover, this surface also etches on using acidic cleaners.

“Our Quality Work Speaks for Itself”

D'Sapone® offers patented cleaning procedures to remove all kinds of dense and stubborn stains at the root level. We perform deep tile cleaning with Imperia Deep Clean, eliminating the stains and mold from deep within while thoroughly sanitizing the surface. Our artists determine the nature of your stone tile accurately and use the right and non-toxic methods and techniques to sanitize it completely. If it is cultured marble, we clean and sanitize the entire surface with Benaz.
Notice in the before and after image shown above. The before image shows a badly damaged tile surface caused by using regular cleaners.

Similarly, notice in the after image after we have cleaned the surface showcases the restored tile with a lovely sheen, luster, and smooth surface.

Cleaning Grout:

Grout is porous. It tends to absorb all kinds of liquids into its pores. The dampness inside its pores leads to mold and mildew breeding, which deteriorate the look of your grout with their greenish-black residue and also cause health hazards. Grout often cracks or goes missing in some places. This wear and tear come due to heavy impact, extreme weather conditions, and rough use.

The missing gaps get water stagnant in their crevices, again leading to mold breeding. Because of the porosity, grout in your shower, absorbs all kinds of spills such as lotions and acidic cleaners, leading to stain formation. These stains get deep inside its pores. It gets hard to remove them. Eventually, it gives your grout a very dirty appearance.

D'Sapone® is one of the leading grout cleaning companies, removing all the stains, mold, mildew, and existing sealers at the root while bringing that perfect cleanliness. Clean and sanitized grout gives your surfaces a tidy look. Otherwise, grout stains in between clean tile make the job look incomplete.

Grout Repair and Grout Sealing:

Not only do we clean grout, we also repair cracked and missing grout using a high-quality pigmented solvent-based flexible epoxy/resin manufactured with a 1200psi adhesion. Then, we perform grout color sealing with a pigmented titanium solvent-based epoxy/resin, locking out all the stains while waterproofing the surface. We can pigment our products in over 40 color options to match your grout lines to the rest of the surface.

We feel that a bit of proof will convince you further on why our company is the best. Here is a before and after the image of tile and grout cleaning and sealing performed by us in a commercial complex.
Grout Repair and Grout Sealing - D'Sapone

You can see in the left-hand side image how the flooring looks dull and lustreless stained tile and grout.

The image on the right-hand side showcases a brilliant tile surface with intact grout lines. We have first performed tile and grout cleaning with Imperia Deep Clean. After that, we have sealed all the grout lines. Later, we sealed the tile with Celine, waterproofing the surface while adding a slight sheen. What looks so amazing is a result of our patented tile and grout restoration services.

Shower Corner Sealing with Flexible Pigmented Adhesives Instead of Caulking:

Damaged shower caulk is a common occurrence. People often complain of peeling and cracking caulk. A major problem with caulk is that once it starts deteriorating, mold and mildew start breeding on it. This makes it turn blackish. The main purpose of caulk is to seal the corners to prevent mold breeding. However, it fails within a few months and becomes a breeding ground for the mold itself.

When your old caulk starts showing such signs, you look for a caulking repair service to seal your corners again. In this entire process of caulking and re-caulking, you sort of succumb to the fact that it has to be done every few months. You fail to realize that new and better technology has been launched on the market.

‘Constant Upgrading in Technology is the Only Truth about Evolution’

D'Sapone® has totally abolished the practice of caulking with Sentura – a 2-part pigmented flexible solvent-based epoxy/resin with a 1200psi adhesion, delivering a seamless bonding of the tile joints. We will color match this product with your surface.  After that, we will seal all the corners with thin and durable lines. This will prevent the passage of water and moisture into the joint.

We believe in only giving permanent solutions. You can easily rely on our caulk removal and corner sealing procedures. Below we have uploaded a before and after picture which was clicked before and after performing the restoration.
caulking with Sentura - D'Sapone

This image on the left-hand side shows a badly damaged caulk in a bathtub. It has turned blackish due to mold formation and is also cracking and peeling.

The same image shows a restored surface on the right side. We have removed the old caulk, cleaned the tile and grout thoroughly. After that, we sealed the corners with our high-quality pigmented adhesive, making the surface look fresh. We have then sealed the grout to make it waterproof and then sealed the tile in the end.

If you are looking for the best tile and grout restoration services, we will help you bring back that perfect sheen to your home and building which once glistened around the surface with a 5-year labor warranty. If this is not enough to convince you, you can also contact us to get a free tile and grout restoration estimate.


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