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Bathtub Refinishing of The Highest Grade

SEO D'Sapone, December 5, 2018

We all love soaking in a hot bathtub. It is an ultimately refreshing and rejuvenating experience. But, bathtubs require proper maintenance to keep their beauty and durability intact. A quality bathtub refinishing gives your old and worn out tubs a completely new look. Most contractual workers use low quality and cheap coatings to restore the tub. These coatings do not last long and in a short period of time, you again face chipping and peeling issues.

stripping, taping and coatingBefore getting lured by less expensive contractors for bathtub restoration, keep in mind the following points:

  • A less expensive coating will again chip or peel off within a year leading you to spend more time and money on another restoration.
  • A slippery tub can be very dangerous as it might lead to accidents. You need a proper slip resistant application to avoid slipping.
  • Bath mats and slip resistant materials applied on the bathtub can ruin the original coating.
  • Mildew and mold can easily get inside the coating and multiply.

Why Choose D'Sapone® to Perform Bathtub Refinishing?

D'Sapone® is one of the best bathtub refinishing and floor restoration companies in the United States. We exclusively rely on products manufactured by pFOkUS® to bring back the quality and lustre to your tubs. We believe in offering a permanent fix to your bathtubs so that you don’t ever have to worry about such restorations again. Our services will not only renew your tubs, but will ensure that they remain in a good condition for a lifetime. All our processes are explained below..

Bathtub Stripping Using a Natural Product:

We use an ultimate natural product to perform bathtub stripping. Our tub stripper has two times better removal capabilities as compared to other strippers without causing any harm to the surface.

Bathtub Stripping and coating

Cleaning the Surface with Imperia Deep Clean:

D'Sapone® has expert artists who render your bathtubs just like new with their professional services. We use Imperia Deep Clean – a deep penetrating cleaner throughout the surface to remove all traces of mildew, mold and tough stains.

Coating the Tub with Saponi:

We offer deep cleaning, micro-etching and painting to render the perfect coating to the tubs. Later, we provide a high-gloss white porcelain finish using a remarkably precise three coat process of Saponi. This product is a two part solvent based titanium primer and top coat. Saponi ensures that bathtub coating will never peel.

Bathtub Restoration in San Diego

Making the Bathtub Slip-Resistant:

We are aware of how dangerous a slippery tub can be. As a part of our natural restoration process, we offer a built-in slip-resistant application on the tub surface. This slip resistant surface will be created with titanium blended using Saponi and an aggregate. We believe in blending our restoration processes with beauty and safety.

Providing a Paint-Less Process if a Coating is Not Needed:

Some customers inquire about paint restoration services of the bathtub. Although we recommend complete natural restoration processes using zero paint, we can also handle a paint restoration of the tub.

paintless bathtub restoration service dsapone

Offering Easy Maintenance:

After the bathtub reglazing process, we restore your bathtub with Valore. It is a high quality maintenance product which renders a stunning look to the tub. Valore seals the surface of the tub and also sanitizes it thoroughly.

With such amazing services and assurance, D'Sapone® offers the best deal including a 5 year service warranty. So, what are you waiting for? Reach us @ 880-781-7718 to get your free bathtub refinishing estimate.

  1. Gwen Douglas 5 years ago

    Do you ever do work in Macon GA

    • SEOdsapone 5 years ago

      We are sorry, Gwen! Unfortunately, we don’t offer our services in Macon, GA.

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