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Professional Grout Color Sealing Services – D’Sapone

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You all must have heard of grout when your house was getting constructed. It is the mixture of cement and sand that is filled in the void between two tiles to join them. Grout is also very decorative and renders a neat and maintained look to your floorings. But your kitchen and shower tile often get dirty and stained sooner than the rest of the house. Stained grout decreases the aesthetic appeal of your surfaces. If you find your grout looking stained and dirty, then we can help you restore it. D'Sapone® brings an excellent grout color sealing service to get rid of stained and moldy grout.

Professional Grout Color Sealing ServicesWhy does Grout Become Dirty?

Grout is highly absorbent and tends to soak in all kinds of liquid spills, even dirty mop water. This moisture and dampness that gets stagnant in the grout provides favorable circumstances for mold and mildew to develop. The result is a stained and moldy grout that ruins the appearance of your flooring.

What Happens if you Leave Mold to Breed?

If mold is left to breed on the grout, it spreads to the nearby areas quickly and soon, you will find mold and mildew covering the walls and the entire flooring. This mold causes respiratory problems, wheezing and coughing. It also emits a bad odor.

How does D'Sapone® Help you with this Issue?

D'Sapone® offers high quality grout color sealing services with a 5 year labor warranty. Our artists are highly trained and they perform our exquisite restoration processes while delivering that perfect cleanliness to the surface. We only rely on products manufactured by pFOkUS® – one of the leading grout, tile, stone and glass restoration products manufacturing companies in the United States.

Before grout sealing, D'Sapone® performs cleaning and repair to ensure that all the stains and mold are eliminated from the root, and there is no cracked or missing grout. Here is a detailed explanation of our services.

Grout Cleaning with a Robust Cleaner:

Our artists perform a deep grout cleaning process while eliminating all the stains, mold, mildew and previous sealers from the root. We clean, disinfect, prep and sanitize the surface at the same time without damaging its integrity with Imperia Deep Clean – a deep penetrating tile and grout cleaner.

Knocking Off Mold and Stains - Imperia Deep CleanRepairing Grout Cracks Using an Incredible Adhesive:

If there are cracks in the grout lines, we don’t regrout as regrouting is nothing but applying a bandage on a damaged surface. It does not deliver permanent fixes.. We repair cracked grout using Sentura – a two part pigmented solvent based flexible epoxy/resin designed with a 1200psi adhesion that never pops out and protects your surface for a lifetime. Our artists color match the product with the surface and deliver a natural and beautiful look to all the grout lines.

Caponi®-Shower-Approved-Grout-Color-Epoxy-Restoration-Sealer-Imperia-pfokus-1Providing Titanium Protection while Color Sealing Grout:

Grout is very porous. No matter how clean your tile is, it will look worse within months if the right grout sealing process is not performed. D'Sapone® artists waterproof all the grout lines while applying Caponi® – a 2 part pigmented titanium solvent epoxy/resin. It closes all the grout pores and prevents it from allowing the passage of liquids. D'Sapone® can pigment it in over 40 colors to suit your requirement. All these are neutral shades that easily match with your tile colors.

Grout Color Sealing ServicesOur patented grout color sealing process prevents further staining and mold development on the grout surface. The titanium protection ensures that your grout is sealed forever. The biggest advantage of our grout color sealing process is that you get titanium protected and colored grout, keeping the surface stain-proof and beautiful forever.

Once we restore your grout, you can preserve its look with a 5 year labor warranty using Valore Maintenance or Imperia Maintenance. Just spray it once a week on your grout and maintain the beauty of your surface forever.

Not only do we offer grout color sealing services, we also offer tile and glass cleaning, repair and sealing services. You can also send in pictures of your surfaces to our experts to get your free estimate. If you feel like indulging in a DIY restoration procedure, then we recommend you to buy the ultimate restoration products from pFOkUS® to ensure the best results.


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