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Marble Shower Restoration Services | Atlanta | D’Sapone

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Marble stone is widely preferred in flooring, countertops and shower constructions in homes and commercial buildings. This natural stone requires a lot of maintenance as it tends to stain and etch quickly. It is costly in the first place and so to maintain it perfectly saves your huge investment. This article will throw light on marble shower restoration services offered by D'Sapone® in Atlanta.

Why Should You Prefer D'Sapone® for Marble Restoration Services?

D'Sapone® is a leading tile, stone, grout and glass restorations company in the US which was established in 2005 in Atlanta. Our artists are highly trained in carrying out restoration jobs such as cleaning, sealing, repairing and maintaining natural and non-natural stone, glass, grout, tubs and brick surfaces. D'Sapone® goes through a strict recruitment process in which our artists are not only trained but also go through a final selection process. This way, we ensure that we have only the best in our team of professionals. The restoration job is so minute and detailed that even the slightest leak or chip in the surface can lead to total damage.

We keep these factors in mind and over the years, have patented our procedures. We only use products manufactured by pFOkUS® – a leading restoration product manufacturing company in the US. While carrying out our expert procedures, we rely only on the best products and that is the reason we trust only pFOkUS® restoration products. For some of you, who are unaware of what problems a marble surface may face, below are mentioned some of the common issues.

What are the Common Issues Faced While Maintaining Marble Shower?

  • Marble easily gets stained and etched with acidic cleaners.
  • It is a porous stone which tends to absorb all the food and liquid spills and is easily prone to staining and mold formation. The porous grout also contributes towards staining and mold formation.
  • The flooring in marble showers often gets covered with soap scum build up and hard water stains, making the surface look dull and yellow.
  • The natural stone also is prone to cracks and chips, which further deteriorate its look. These chips make water stagnant in the pits, further leading to mold breeding and dullness.

Marble is used not only in showers, but also in countertops and other floorings. These areas also suffer from damage such as:

  • Acidic beverages, when spilled on marble, lead to damaging the surface.
  • People who have installed marble stone in their countertops also scratches owing to cutting and chopping of vegetables.

All these issues add up to marble stone maintaining woes, rendering your surfaces dirty, moldy, stained and damaged within no time. If you also find it hard to maintain and restore marble shower surfaces then D'Sapone® offers the best professional marble shower restoration. Below we have uploaded before and after images which were clicked by our artist before performing restorations and after getting the job done.


Here is a brief insight into a marble shower restoration job done by our experts in a location in Atlanta. Depicted below is an image clicked before restoring the shower in a hotel in Atlanta. Notice how badly damaged the area is.

marble tile and grout cleaning service - D'SaponeThe marble shower above needs thorough restoration. The tile and grout are stained. There is mold formation on the sides of the tile and also on the grout. The caulk is also peeling in some areas and has turned blackish due to mold formation. The tile surface has lost its sheen and lustre.


D'Sapone® carried out its patented procedures step-by-step to restore this shower just like new. Now look at the image below. It is the restored picture of the same marble shower. Did you notice how the grout and tile look immaculate and the shower corners are neatly sealed. The grout lines are also perfect. The tile surface has a sheen and lustre as if it is new. This has been done with a 5-year labor warranty.

marble tile cleaning service - D'SaponeDo you want to know how we restored the surface? We have explained D'Sapone®’s marble restoration services in detail below.

Marble Shower Restoration Services Offered by D'Sapone®

Knocking off Stains and Mold with Robust Cleaners:

We used strong penetrating cleaners to clean marble tile and grout. Using acidic products on marble stone leads to etching and discoloration and permanent damage. Our experts ensure a deep cleaning floor service using Imperia Deep Clean which is a power packed eco-friendly deep penetrating cleaner. Using this product, we performed prepping and cleaning the surface at the same time. We removed mold, stains as well as the existing sealers. Our patented procedures knocked off the stains, mildew and mold and delivered a clear and clean surface.

Removing Damaged Caulk and Sealing Shower Corners

Many contractors advise caulking for sealing shower corners. But at D'Sapone®, we have totally abolished this old practice. Caulking is not a permanent solution as it tends to peel or crack in a few months. We scraped away the damaged caulk before cleaning, so that we can use a better shower corner sealer.

Sealing the Grout with Resin-Based Sealer:

Once we used the marble floor cleaner – Imperia, we next sealed the grout. If you seal the tile without sealing the grout, the moisture present in its pores will lead to mold formation again. We have color sealed the grout using Caponi® -a 2-part pigmented titanium based resin sealer, waterproofing the surface to prevent the passage of liquids. We can pigment this product in over 40 colors to suit your project’s needs.

Repairing Cracked Tile with an Epoxy Sealer:

For repairing cracked marble tile, you might have been stressed with finding the same colored tile in the market. Even if you do manage to have a spare tile, the pigment does not match. Our marble tile repair is ahead of all which have made us one of the leading restoration companies in the United States. We found some chips and cracks on the surface, which we repaired using Sentura – a two part pigmented flexible epoxy/resin, that can be pigmented in over 40 colors. It performs a seamless tile and grout repair job without imparting a bulky look and delivers a sleek and natural appearance of your flooring. We used Sentura to seal the shower corners as it is the best caulk substitute.

Sealing Marble with a Solvent-Based Sealer:

Marble is a very porous stone and has the tendency to sponge up sogginess, spills and stains. Only cleaning and repairing tile and grout does not guarantee that stains will not form again. We next sealed the marble shower tile using a penetrating marble sealer and made it waterproof to avoid further water absorption and eventual mold breeding. We used Celine, which is a clear topical solvent based resin sealant. After sealing, the sheen lasts for a lifetime and will always prevent your marble from etching and staining problems.

Delivering that Natural Looking Sheen to Marble Tile:

Lastly, a marble tile polishing service by D'Sapone® rendered a natural looking sheen to your marble tile, just like it had when it was new. We made this old marble tile look like new again by polishing the surface with a clear resin topical solvent based sealer, which coats the sealer and the tile at the same time, while delivering that long lasting sheen. This procedure locks in the brilliance and sheen of the stone forever and you will never have to bother about dulling or losing sheen from your marble stone again.

Now look at the comparison image below. When you look at both the images together, you will be able to compare better. It is a before and after image of the marble shower. Notice how our marble shower restoration services have renewed the area and brought back the lost sheen. marble shower restoration service - D'SaponeWe have tried and tested our procedures and patented them. No one understands natural stone surfaces as well as we do. Our quality marble shower restoration services can take your stone to the next level with a 5 year labor warranty. Contact D'Sapone® today to get a free estimate!


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