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Christmas is just a week away and you obviously have planned a big get-together of family and friends to celebrate the festival. You have planned the decorations, thought of the turkey and salads, o...

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Just a Week Left for Christmas! Restore your Homes and Make them Festival-Ready

Showers are attacked by a lot of villains waiting to sneak in the tile, grout or settle on the glass and walls, thereby making the area stink, become unhygienic and also ruin the aesthetics. You can...

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Cleaning Shower Glass Doors

Everyone loves to decorate and maintain their homes and buildings. It is your haven on this earth and you always take pains to keep each and every corner of your house clean and sparkling. While you...

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Happy Thanksgiving

Independence Day is the time when we Americans got complete freedom. Every time this year, we all gather for celebration on this day. As friends and family gather at home on Independence Day, it giv...

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You might be wondering what is the big deal about grout! It is just a cement mix added between tiles to join them. But this minimal looking substance is actually packed with importance. Grout is dec...

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Grout cleaning step by step

Acrylic or silicone caulks are applied on shower corners in order to seal them, thereby preventing leakages. People have been caulking a shower since many years now. This practice is highly outdated...

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mold and stains on shower caulk

Did you just realize that coming Sunday is Easter? Are you worried about the ugly-looking tile flooring in your house which will be noticed by all your family members who promised to drop in to cele...

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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Many of you love doing correction and restoration jobs around your house. It makes you feel productive and it definitely saves you from the cost of hiring a professional. With so many detailed and e...

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Tile & Grout Cleaning In New York

Have you ever come across some black or dark green colored dirt on your wall tile and shower tile? This is nothing but mold. It thrives in bathrooms because of the excess humidity and water. A thoro...

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Mold removal from bathtub

You invest in costly flooring for your homes and commercial complexes at the time of construction with an intention to add a rich and luxurious look to your spaces. But often, tile cracks due to som...

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You were probably in love with your glass shower door first when it was installed, but day by day, you noticed that your love fizzled out. Your attraction faded out because you got sick and tired of...

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shower cleaning services

A pool is the most loved place in homes and buildings, where we spend a lot of fun-filled moments with friends and family. It is also very important to ensure that your pool is spic and span. You ne...

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Pool Calcium Removing

While designing your houses, you spend a lot of money on costly tiles and furniture. Some of us opt for natural stone tile like travertine, slate, marble and granite for your flooring. Ceramic and p...

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We all look forward to Christmas holidays. They bring along loads of fun, memories, guests and food. With so much to cook, there is bound to be chaos at home. This chaos does have an effect on the a...

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Tile Grout Cleaning

We all love soaking in a hot bathtub. It is an ultimately refreshing and rejuvenating experience. But, bathtubs require proper maintenance to keep their beauty and durability intact. A quality
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