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Get Rid of Efflorescence Issues in Showers

D'Sapone Admin, March 21, 2017

The migration of soluble salts, which originate from masonry, gives birth to efflorescence that damages the tile and grout in showers. It is a white substance that diminishes the value of the shower with an unpleasant appearance. D'Sapone® is the only restoration company, who can make the unsighted or badly damaged surface look fresh and new with its incredible efflorescence removal service. The problems with efflorescence and how we deal with them are all listed below…

The Efflorescence Curse in Showers:

Efflorescence growth in showers is nothing short of a burden as it damages all the cemented materials. First, it clogs the drains and then grows over the tile and grout. If this issue is not rectified with the correct products, the efflorescence can also crack your tile and grout. Our trained artists not only remove efflorescence at the top, they eliminate it at the root.

Shower Efflorescence

Scrapping Efflorescence:

First, they remove the cover of efflorescence from the drain. Then, they scrape all the bulk efflorescence offering you a permanent cure instead of a band-aid solution.

Efflorescence Elimination Pushed Even Further:

Our motto is to eliminate efflorescence at the root. pFOkUS® has designed the most powerful cleaner – Zido, penetrating into the tile and grout to attack the salts, causing efflorescence. It doesn’t leave harsh residue or chemical behind and makes the surface look clean.

Preventing efflorescence growth:

We prevent the growth of efflorescence permanently with Sentura – a two part pigmented flexible solvent epoxy/resin, and Caponi® – a two part pigmented titanium resin. Sentura repairs the missing grout and replaces the caulk, peeling within months.  However, we perform grout sealing using Caponi®, which one coat covers all the grout lines. Both of these products are chemical resistant and waterproof the shower preventing it from allowing the passage of water or moisture.

Why Efflorescence Takes Place in Showers?

This diagram, displays how your shower is constructed when you have efflorescence issues or in some cases mold problems. The top of the mud bed (concrete) is not protected with a waterproofing membrane. Underneath the mud bed, there is no pre-slope. Without either of these steps, water will not drain to the weep holes and the mud bed will not dry out. Efflorescence can crack the grout lines and tiles. Once we repair the crack, it’s highly recommended to seal the grout with Caponi® and all the corners with Sentura – which would waterproof the shower.

shower efflorescence removal

Contact us Now and Get your Free Estimate Today:

Efflorescence can ruin the look of your shower tile and grout, if the proper care is not taken. Send us the images of your damaged surface and get your free estimate today. One of our artists will make your shower look new with a 5 year labor warranty.


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