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Is Your Slate Floor Cracked, Discolored or Flaking? A Floor Restoration Could Help!

D'Sapone Admin, July 5, 2017

Slate is one of the most popular natural stones due to its look and durability. Most people love to install slate on their floors as it needs less maintenance to keep its look in comparison to other stones. With its incredible shades of gray, black and charcoal, slate raises the beauty of the surface and adds a value to the property. But, not everything is perfect with the stone. Although a thorough slate floor restoration can restore the sheen back on your surface, you need to first understand the problems with this stone…

Problems with Slate Floors:

  • Floor gets a lot of wear and tear every day as we walk on it in shoes or socks.
  • Even routine cleaning and heavy foot traffic can make the slate floor look dull, concealing its true color.
  • In wet settings, the stone allows liquids or moisture to pass through it, causing mold and stains.
  • You might notice slate floor flaking because this stone releases dust in dry settings that often keeps the floor dusty.

Our slate floor restoration service can help uncover the natural beauty of your stone. All of our restoration processes are listed below…

Cleaning, Prepping and Sanitizing:

No matter how stained or damaged your slate is, we can bring back that lush finish to your tile and grout, which once glistened across the surface with our patented procedures for cleaning slate floor tile. Unlike other companies, we use incredibly manufactured products from pFOkUS®® that will never cause damage to the stone. We will clean the entire floor using Imperia – one of the most powerful slate tile and grout cleaners in the world. It will not just clean your floor, it will also prep and sanitize the surface while releasing stains, mold, mildew and existing sealers at the root.

Slate Tile Floor CleaningAfter Cleaning, Some Grout Stains Maybe Present:

Sometimes, even a high quality product doesn’t remove deep stains from the grout, which is a cement based substance. Grout continuously retains moisture or liquids, staining the entire surface. It’s not a big problem for us, since we always clean grout on slate floor first.

We then use a sealant to cover the grout lines. Meet Caponi®® – a two part pigmented titanium chemical resistant resin sealer, which will not just cover the grout lines, it will also make them look beautiful with its sleek finish and over 40 color options. Caponi®® will penetrate deep into your floor grout while locking out all the stains. It will waterproof your floor to prevent liquids or moisture from staining the surface. Most grout sealers peel or wear off the tile and grout overtime, while Caponi®® will never peel.

Slate Grout Sealing Service   

Repairing Cracked Tile and Grout:

Cracked tile and grout can ruin the look of the entire floor. To fix cracked slate floor tile with new tile everytime can mount your costs. We don’t regrout or replace the tile, we always repair the cracks using Sentura – a two part pigmented flexible solvent epoxy/resin. It has been designed with a 1200psi adhesion, protecting the tile and grout for a lifetime. We will not just repair your slate tile and grout, we will also color match the Sentura to the surface rendering a lush natural aspect. We can pigment it in more than 40 color options. Once we rectify the cracking issue, you will have a smooth and crack free floor.

Repairing Slate Cracked TileSealing Slate Tile Using a Waterproof Sealer:

Slate comes will all the pores, which easily allow stains and mold to take place. Once it has been cleaned, it will stain again if not sealed. Sealing slate tile before grouting will make the mold develop underneath the sealant layer. After the grout has been sealed, we proceed to sealing the tile. For sealing slate floors tile, we use Celine – a clear topical solvent based resin sealer. It will create a perfect lush protection while sealing the stone. Celine will prevent dust from coming out of the stone, and will also stop the passage of liquids. Regular sealers just coat the stone while damaging its integrity. Celine is the world’s most durable and powerful sealer that will protect your floor for a lifetime without causing damage to the slate. It will rejuvenate slate floor with an incredible sheen.

These are our incredible slate floor restoration processes that will take your dull, discolored and stained stone to a fresh level. Not only do we restore the tile and grout, we also carry a 5 year labor warranty on our healthy slate floor service.

Fill out the form and obtain a free professional slate floor restoration estimate or reach us @ (770)924-4757 for enquiries. You can also leave us comments and questions regarding your slate floor in the comment section below. If you want us to cover a particular topic in our next blog post, please leave your opinion on our Facebook and Instagram pages.


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