Slate Tile Cleaning Service at the Next Level

Do you Want to Take your Slate Stone to the Next Level?

SEO D'Sapone, November 30, 2018

Many people use slate for their home flooring and countertops. Architects and interior decorators often persuade home-owners to get natural flooring done. Slate stone imparts a rustic and earthy feel to your home decor making the home look very warm and welcoming. What these architects do not tell us is that this stone needs to be cleaned and sealed with high quality products else it starts to lose its sheen and luster and gets stained all over. This flooring which you once loved easily becomes a burden if you have not got a professional slate tile cleaning service done.

slate_restoration_tileBut maintaining slate is not as easy as calling any cleaning service provider. Majority of contractual workers use low class cleaning products which do not remove the stains effectively and also end up damaging the surface. D'Sapone® is one of the most preferred natural stone restoration companies in the United States. They only rely on products manufactured by pFOkUS® for their services.

Our experts bring your stone back to life with their services. We use products which eliminate deep rooted stains, mildew and molds. If slate is not sealed, it ends up releasing dust in dry settings. In wet conditions,it holds on to the dampness which leads to mold and mildew formation. We clean the stone and also preserve its natural beauty with our professional services.

Mentioned below are our quality services for slate restoration:

Slate Cleaning with Powerful Cleaners:

We use powerful products for slate tile cleaning. Imperia Deep Clean not only cleans the surface from the top but also penetrates deep within the porous stone and knocking off all evidence of mold and mildew at root level. You will find a luxuriously clean slate floor from all the sides with Imperia Deep Clean.


Slate-Cleaning-Service-D'SaponeSealing Slate with a Clear Topical Solvent Based Sealer:

We use only natural and eco-friendly products manufactured by pFOkUS®. Their products are alkaline and do not cause any harm to the tile surface as well. We use Celine – a solvent based clear topical sealant to seal the stone and leave a wonderful sheen. Celine’s clear resin formulation is best for natural stone sealing as it prevents the stone from discharging any dust or retaining dampness. Celine soaks deep into slate and imparts a lavish lustre to the entire surface. For other stone sealing services, we also use another stone sealer named Repela-Bond which is a similar clear topical sealant.

Slate 3D copySealing Slate Grout Using a Titanium Sealer:

We render a quality grout sealing service using a powerful grout sealer – Caponi® which is a two part pigmented titanium epoxy/resin, which is extremely efficient in sealing the grout lines. It makes the surface waterproof while soaking deep into the grout. Caponi® is available in 40 different shades allowing you to mix it with your tile color. It cannot be damaged by scouring, scrubbing or acid-based cleaners.

Color-Seal-Slate-Floor-Cleaning-RestoringThese above mentioned quality products are highly recommended by D'Sapone®. Our experts have an in-depth knowledge on stone restoration. We offer a 5 year labor warranty on our services too. We have our offices spread in a number of cities in the United States. What are you waiting for? Call us now @ (760)705-1011 and get your free slate tile cleaning estimate today.


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