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Travertine Floor Restoration at a Sanitized Level

D'Sapone Admin, June 1, 2017

Travertine is a natural stone, like marble, slate or limestone. The key difference between travertine and other stones lies in the formation of the rock and the appearance. One of the main key characteristics of the stone is, it has holes that are caused by the evasion of carbon dioxide.
It’s well known how much of an investment a travertine floor can be to install into your home or building. But, the stone always adds its beauty and elegance to whatever room you place it in. Travertine is sensitive to acids owing to its calcium carbonate properties that delivers it the ability to be brought up to a shine, but also makes the stone more susceptible to staining. Regular or common household cleaners comprise of acids, which will cause etching issues as soon as your travertine floor comes into contact with these products.
If this has happened and your floor is looking worse with all the stains and etching, it’s already too late, until one of our trained artists perform travertine cleaning and sealing at the next level. Delivering that perfect cleanliness to the stone is just second nature to us. It would not be achievable using big box stores’ products. We have signed an exclusive deal with pFOkUS®, manufacturing exquisite cleaners and sealers, to make your floor stain-proof for a lifetime. All of our travertine restoration processes are listed below…

Filling Travertine Holes:
Filling the stone holes with a quality product is one of the essential parts of a successful travertine restoration. Not only do we fill the holes, we blend them into the surface using Sentura – a two part pigmented flexible solvent based epoxy/resin, designed with a 1200psi adhesion. We can pigmented the Sentura in over 40 colors to make the stone look beautiful and natural. Unlike other products, Sentura will never pop out.


Cleaning, Prepping and Sanitizing:
No matter how stained or etched the travertine floor is, we can deliver it that fresh new appearance you strive for with our patented travertine tile cleaning process. We apply Imperia – an incredible travertine cleaner, that not just cleans the floor, but also preps and sanitizes it. Regular cleaners don’t remove all the stains and also damages the integrity of the floor. However, Imperia soaks deep in the travertine eliminating all the stains, mold and etching. It also releases any sealers if present in the floor.


Protecting Grout with Titanium:
Just like travertine, grout is also porous and once it has been cleaned, all its pores will open that will easily allow the passage of moisture. This causes stains and the birth of mold. Grout fills spaces or voids between the travertine tiles and if not protected with a powerful product, it will ruin the look of the entire floor. We always perform grout color sealing with Caponi® – a two part pigmented titanium resin sealer.
Most companies coat the grout with water based sealers that are nothing short of a burden since they will peel overtime. Caponi® is a chemical resistant grout sealer. It closes all the pores while making the grout waterproof to prevent the occurrence of stains. We color match the Caponi® to the grout since it has over 40 color options to choose from.

grout-color-sealing-dsaponeSealing Travertine Stone with a Natural Look Sealer:
Travertine must be sealed, else it will look mediocre within months. We protect the stone with Repela-Bond – an invisible clear resin water based sealer, penetrating into the stone to create a hydrophobic surface. It prevents the travertine from allowing the passage of liquids or moisture. Repela-Bond makes the stone tile look natural and elegant.

travertine-sealing-services-dsaponePolishing Travertine with a Clear Topical Product:
We bring back that perfect lush sheen, which once glistened across the travertine surface with our quality travertine polishing process. We polish the floor with Celine – a clear topical solvent based resin product that delivers the stone that elegant sheen with no etching issue.

We also carry a 5 year labor warranty on our travertine floor restoration service. What are you waiting for? Get rid of all the stains, mold and etching permanently with our incredible service. Just fill out our estimate form at or reach us at (770)924-4757, and make your travertine floor glisten for a lifetime.


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