Why are Tile, Grout, and Glass Restoration Services Important ?

Why are Tile, Grout, and Glass Restoration Services Important ?

SEO D'Sapone, July 14, 2020

Your tile, grout and glass in residential and commercial complexes get dirty or damaged within months. Have you ever thought about why it happens? Over a period of time, grime, dust, dirt, stains, etching marks and mold might settle on your flooring, countertops and showers, making them look dull, yellow and without any shine. Moreover, other issues like chipping, cracks, mold, stains and caulk also deteriorate the condition. There are ways of restoring the shine and preserving the beauty of your surfaces for long by hiring the right professional tile, grout and glass restoration service every few years.

tile, grout and glass restoration serviceSuch experts ensure that your surfaces remain spic and span. They are the ones who can assure a mirror like sheen on your surfaces year after year and give you your money’s worth! What do they do? Before you read in-depth about the professional floor tile and grout restoration services, let us understand why your flooring, countertops and glass surfaces become dull over time, making periodic tile, grout and glass restoration services important.

Why does Flooring Become Dull Over Time?

  • If you have used ceramic or porcelain for your flooring, then you might face staining and chipping issues.
  • Natural stone floorings are highly porous. The porosity makes the stone absorb liquids, even the dirty mop water, making it look dull and stained over a period of time. The absorbed moisture also leads to mold and mildew breeding, which leaves a greenish black residue over the stone.
  • Many people use acidic cleaners on the surface, which tarnish the surface and cause etching.
  • Acidic food and beverage spills on the surface also lead to staining and etching.
  • The flooring in showers often gets covered with soap scum build up and hard water stains, making the surface look dull and yellow.
  • Natural stone flooring is also prone to cracks and chips, which further deteriorate its look. These chips make water stagnant in the pits, further leading to mold breeding and dullness.
  • Grout between tiles on the floor is porous just like the natural stone. It absorbs all the dirt and moisture, leading to mold and mildew formation, staining and discoloration.

Why do Countertops Become Dull Over Time?

  • Countertops made from natural stone often look scratched and dull over a period of time due to cutting and chopping of vegetables on the platform.
  • Acidic food and beverage spills also leave a rough patch on the natural stone countertops.
  • Mold, mildew and stains are common on natural stone countertops just as they form on natural stone flooring.
  • Grout on countertops is porous just like the natural stone. It absorbs all the dirt and moisture, leading to mold and mildew formation, staining and discoloration.

Why do Glass Surfaces Become Dull Over Time?

  • Calcium and magnesium minerals present in hard water leave a whitish mark once the water evaporates. These hard water stains make the glass dirty.
  • Hard water mixes with soap and forms dirty soap scum. It reduces the aesthetic beauty of your glass surfaces.
  • Glass also gets etched due to acidic cleaners. Etched glass surfaces are porous and they allow hard water minerals to seep into their pores over time, leading to corrosion.
  • The areas where the shower glass meets the door frame or wall tile is always damp and attracts mold and mildew breeding.

All the above-mentioned issues ruin the integrity and beauty of your floorings, countertops and glass surfaces, making them dull and worn out in some time. You can engage in DIY restoration methods to restore your surfaces, but you won’t get professional results like experts offer.

Let us see how professionals carry out a thorough tile, grout and glass restoration service to protect your surfaces from such damage. When you see how they carry out restoration work, you will know why it’s important to hire them for proper maintenance.

Professional Tile and Grout Restoration:

Tile and Grout Cleaning:

tile cleaning service - atlanta - D'SaponeFor commercial and home tile and grout cleaning service, you need to find a professional who uses heavy duty cleaners, which are tough on stains and gentle on the surface. Most contractors use cheap acidic cleaners, causing etching and other issues on the surface. But, you should ensure that your experts focus on deep-cleaning at the root level using alkaline products that don’t damage the integrity of your surfaces. Natural stone and grout are porous and tend to absorb liquids and food spills leading to deep-rooted mold formation and tough staining. Only thorough cleaning can eliminate all the stains, mold and dirt accumulated within.

Sealing Grout:

grout sealing service - D'SaponeJust cleaning grout does not guarantee that it will not get dirty again. If you seal tile without sealing the grout, it will lead to a very hazy and dull look of the flooring, walls and countertops. Sealing grout by performing a patented process is the only way to prevent further moisture absorption. A leading restoration company performs grout color sealing with a pigmented titanium epoxy resin, waterproofing the grout lines. This prevents seeping in of water or any liquids and keeps the surface sanitized.

Grout Repair Instead of Regrouting:

If your grout is cracked or missing in some areas, you should never go for an expert who suggests regrouting even for small damages. You should hire an expert who recommends a grout repair service using high-quality flexible adhesives, rendering a seamless grout line and then the grout should be sealed with a titanium solved resin to keep the surface natural and beautiful for long.

Repairing Cracked or Chipped Tile:

Cracked-Marble-Repair-Services-DSaponeCracked tile repair is also an important part of restoration. It should be done by powerful adhesives, which give a seamless repair result without appearing too bulky. A good company uses an adhesive that doesn’t pop off from the surface.  You can pigment such adhesives in colors matching your tile and grout.

Caulk Replacement with a Waterproof Product Instead of Recaulking:

Caulk in your shower also tends to crack or peel off in some time. It may turn blackish due to mold formation. Professionals with good restoration knowledge will not resort to recaulking as it is not a permanent fix. They would use powerful epoxy flexible adhesive to seal the shower corners while waterproofing them with its thin lines, thereby abolishing the need for applying caulk.

Sealing Natural Stone Surface:

stone sealing service - D'SaponeNo matter how clean your natural stone surface is, if the right sealing process is not performed, it will just be mediocre. Once your natural stone has been cleaned and repaired, the expert should seal it with a clear topical solvent based sealer, creating a hydrophobic surface to prevent it from further staining.

Polishing Stone:

Polishing stone is the last and final step in tile and grout restoration. When you polish natural stone with a high-quality product, you impart a brilliant sheen and luster to it. Polishing will make your stone look like new. For polishing, experts use a natural look sealer that coats the sealer and the stone at the same time while delivering an incredible sheen to the surface.

Professional Glass Restoration:

Just like tile and grout, residential and Commercial glass cleaning and sealing services are also important.

Glass Cleaning:

Experts use the best product to remove the hard water stains, and other stains from your glass doors.

shower-glass-restoration -D'SaponeGlass Sealing:

To ensure that the stains do not form again, they use a glass sealer to form a protective coating on the surface. This coating prevents stain formation as it makes water sheet off from the glass.

Tile, grout and glass restoration services elongate the life, beauty and integrity of your surfaces. These services ensure to maintain your house and commercial complexes in the best way possible. If you are looking for such professional restoration services to protect your floor, shower and countertop, you can contact a restoration service provider such as D'Sapone® – One of the finest restoration companies, offering a 5 year labor warranty and a free estimate. Once your home and buildings are restored by performing high quality restoration processes, you should maintain it on a regular basis with the right maintenance products, like Valore Maintenance and Imperia Maintenance.


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