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Why Hire a Professional to Regrout Your Tile?

SEO D'Sapone, December 29, 2020

.Grout is the inevitable part of tiling that not only adds to its neatness and aesthetics, but also ensures that the tile remains strongly adhered. Keeping these minute grout lines neat and immaculate is important as they are hoarders of moisture, mold, stains and bacteria. Porous grout not only hoards germs and moisture, but also cracks easily and gets stained. People generally resort to regrouting to restore their grout lines, but this is a very temporary fix. A professional regrout service will give you a better and permanent fix, as good service providers do not actually regrout, but use a better technique.

Why Hire a Professional to Regrout Your TileBefore we understand all about regrouting, first let us read more about grout.

What is Grout?

Grout is made from cement and sand and this dense liquid is added between two tiles to join them tightly to each other. It works like a cement adhesive. As it is made from cement and sand, it tends to absorb water and moisture, thereby getting stained easily. The porosity also leads to dampness inside the grout leading to mold and mildew breeding. Grout also cracks or goes missing and to fix these issues, people resort to regrouting, which, they know, is just a temporary solution.

Problem of Stained, Moldy and Cracked Grout is Recurring because:

  • Grout is porous. Just like the sand in sea shores, grout also tends to absorb all kinds of liquids inside its pores. There is a certain love affair between dampness and mold and they love to breed in humid places. Mold not only deteriorates the look of your grout lines, but also leads to health issues.
  • Grout gets damaged, cracks and even goes missing. This wear and tear comes due to heavy impact, extreme weather conditions and rough use. The missing gaps tend to collect water in their crevices, again leading to mold breeding.
  • Because of the porosity, grout in your shower, absorbs all kinds of spills such as lotions and acidic cleaners, leading to stain formation. These penetrate deeper inside and lead to dense or stubborn stains.

What is Regrouting and Why is it a Failure?

Regrouting is the practice of applying another layer of grout over the existing grout in order to repair the cracked and missing grout. This practice is a failure because the new grout will also face similar issues because of porosity. Your new grout will soon stain and crack within a few months of regrouting.

This practice is a failure because it has to be done repeatedly and does not even last more than 5 to 6 months.

In spite of the Failure of Regrouting, why do People Opt for it?

There are two reasons why people hire professionals for regrouting or plan to do it themselves:

  • People resort to regrouting because it is cheaper. What people also do not realize is that going for regrouting twice a year will eventually turn out to be costlier and will mount your maintenance costs rather than going for a permanent solution for once and forever.
  • People go for regrouting because they do not know about the availability of a better product for grout repair.

What do Good Service Providers Offer for Regrouting Services?

Shower restorationWhen you hire a good grout restoration service provider, they should be knowledgeable about the advanced restoration processes performed using high-quality products. They should guide you towards better regrouting services that are actually not about regrouting tile, but repairing grout with powerful flexible adhesives and sealing them with solvent-based epoxy-resin sealers.

Fixing Cracked or Missing Grout with a Pigmented Flexible Solvent Based Resin:

A passionate restoration performing team never goes for regrouting. Instead, they perform the latest grout repairing process using a pigmented solvent-based flexible epoxy resin, fixing all the cracks without causing any damage. They should make your grout look natural and beautiful for long.

Sealing Grout with a Pigmented Solvent Based Epoxy Resin:

shower grout sealing service D'SaponeOnce your grout is repaired with a strong adhesive, the restoration team must add coating protection to all the grout lines with their exquisite grout sealing process. The artist should be smart enough to color match the product to make your surface look natural and beautiful. You must waterproof grout by sealing to prevent it from mold, stains, and any further damages. Your new grout becomes waterproof and safe from moisture and dampness. No moisture means no mold and mildew breeding and no staining at all.

Advantages of Grout Restoration Over Regrouting:

  • When you seal your grout with the better and new-age epoxy-resin sealers, you shut the pores and halt the entry of moisture into the surface. Hence, no mold formation will occur at the root.
  • Sealing makes the surface water-resistant.
  • Regrouting may only repair your broken or cracked grout for some time. But, it will not prevent the entry of moisture and subsequent mold breeding.
  • Once you seal your grout lines with good-quality sealers, you can ensure that it will never pop off from the surface. This way, you can seal the beauty of your grout lines forever.
  • New age grout sealers available for grout repair perform their work in just one coat and do not look bulky.

Why Hire a Professional to Regrout your Tile?

You might be tempted to do-it-yourself after you read the procedures for repairing and sealing the grout with the latest restoration processes. But, if you hire professionals to fix your grout issues, you will be better off.

Professional companies have highly-trained artists.  These artists know how to repair and seal minute grout lines using high-quality products and their patented procedures. Trained artists have a knack for noticing the tiniest flaw in your grout lines. They perform the best possible procedure to restore them just like new.

You can also do-it-yourself only if you have time.  It is also important to educate yourself in detail about the usage of the latest grout restoration products. You need to perform the job with minute detailing and expertise, else you may end up making a mess.

So if you are also seeking a good regrouting company, you can hire the services of D'Sapone®, which is the only restoration company in the US who repair grout using high-quality products instead of regrouting. We have highly trained professionals who perform patented grout restoration procedures to offer you permanent and perfect results. We only use the restoration products manufactured by pFOkUS® – a paramount stone, tile, grout, and glass restoration product manufacturing company in the US. D’Sapone also offers a 5-year labor warranty on our professional regrout services.


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