Freshen your Shower with Tile and Grout Restoration Services

Freshen your Shower with Tile and Grout Restoration Services

SEO D'Sapone, September 25, 2020

Do you want to liven up your shower without reinstalling the entire tile? Yes, it is possible to freshen up the look of your shower without enduring complex and time-consuming civil work. Here, we will explain some genius tile and grout restoration services that will remove all kinds of stains, dullness, yellowish marks, etching, damaged caulk, cracks, discoloration and efflorescence. You can get an absolutely new-looking shower at half the price, half the time and half the effort!

Shower tile and grout restoration service1Understand the Issues with Tile and Grout in Showers:

  • Ceramic and Porcelain tile are susceptible to dirt, grease and such other dense stains occurring on their surface. These kind of tile tends to build superfluous stains, but is prone to etching. Any kind of acidic soap or shampoo spills or acidic cleaners cause etching on the surface. Etching is nothing but the corroding of the top coat of the tile, which looks rough and discolored. Etching attracts more stains and dirt easily.
  • Shower flooring and walls mostly have non-natural or natural stone tile. Of the two, natural stone tile is most porous and tends to absorb water and stains deeper into its pores. Mold and mildew breed in these pores because of the dampness. When left ignored, mold and mildew quickly spread on top of the entire tile surface. They deteriorate the appearance with their blackish residue, reek of bad odour, and also cause health issues like eye infections and respiratory problems.
  • Grout used to join two tiles is a mixture of cement and sand. This is also porous like natural stone and tends to absorb water and moisture into its pores. Acidic cleaners stain and discolor tile and grout. It also is susceptible to mold breeding. Grout also cracks and goes missing in some areas causing pits and holes in your tile surface.
  • Soap scum and hard water leave stains on the tile surface, which make it look dirty and unsightly. Hard water stains are nothing but calcium and mineral deposits, which leave a whitish mark on the tile once the water evaporates.
  • People opt for caulking to seal their shower tile corners. But,this acrylic or silicone caulk is quite temporary and tends to peel off or crack in extreme weather conditions. Once the caulk starts deteriorating, it turns blackish and also starts accumulating water in its cracks, leading to mold breeding.
  • Efflorescence often develops in some showers, flowing from underneath the tile surface and rising above the surface, clogging the drains and cracking the tile. This efflorescence is left-over cement and water underneath the tile surface at the time of installation.

These are the most common problems with tile and grout in showers and below, we will explain some clever ways in which tile and grout restoration can fix these issues. We suggest you to hire experts from good companies for these services. The reason is that they have access to better products and in-depth knowledge on how to carry out these procedures.

Here we have explained the procedures carried out by D'Sapone® – a leading tile and grout restoration service provider in the US. We use only high-quality products from pFOkUS® – a well-known restoration products manufacturing company. We have patented our procedures and our artists are highly-trained in restoration services.

Here is How D'Sapone® can Restore your Shower with Tile and Grout Services:

1. Cleaning Shower Tile and Grout Using a Robust Cleaner:

Shower Tile and Grout cleaning service D'SaponeOur highly trained artists perform a patented deep cleaning process with Imperia Deep Clean – an exquisite penetrating cleaner to remove all hidden traces of mold, mildew and dense stains from the root. Not only do we clean the tile and grout, we also prep and sanitize the surface. Doing so eliminates the existing sealers without causing damages to the surface.

2. Efflorescence Removal Using an Efficient Chemical:

Shower-Efflorescence-removal-service-D'SaponeEfflorescence should never be scraped off using sharp tools as it may cause scratches on the tile and grout and may even crack the surface. Our efflorescence removal process not just eliminates the bulk efflorescence, but also attacks the salts underneath to remove it from the root using an impactful chemical called Zido.

3. Grout and Tile Repair Using a Powerful Adhesive:

shower tile and grout repair service d'saponeIf the tile and grout are cracked, we don’t believe in replacing them as it will just ruin the look of the surface while causing further issues. We use a flexible pigmented solvent adhesive for our patented tile and grout repair process. This adhesive will never pop off and deliver a fresh natural look to the surface. Before we perform tile and grout repair, we color match our product to the tile and grout so we make the shower look beautiful.

4. Shower Caulk Elimination Using an Incredible Substitute:

If your caulk cracks or peels, most contractors will go for recaulking, which is just a band-aid solution as it will again fail within months. Caulk allows moisture to soak deep into the corners, causing mold and mildew to take place within months. We eliminated caulking or recaulking permanently with our incredible caulk replacement process. We replace the caulk using Sentura – a two-part pigmented flexible solvent based epoxy resin built with a 1200psi adhesion, which will never pop off. It waterproofs the corners to prevent the occurrence of mold and mildew. It also deliverss that perfect natural look with its thin and durable lines.

5. Grout Sealing Using a Waterproof Sealer:

shower grout sealing service D'SaponeGrout plays an important role on the surface and it combines the tiles. It is very porous and if the right care is not taken, it will make the entire shower look worse no matter how clean the tile is. Many contractors perform grout sealing with water-based sealers, peeling within months while damaging the integrity of the grout. Our innovative grout sealing process not just coats the grout lines, but it also waterproofs the surface to prevent the grout from absorbing liquids. We seal the grout with Caponi® – a two-part pigmented titanium solvent-based resin, which has been specially designed for grout sealing.

6. Natural Stone Sealing Using a Powerful Sealer:

If you have installed natural stone tile in your shower, then it must be sealed as it is easily accessible to stains and mold. If the right natural stone sealing process is not performed, it will just look mediocre in months. We create a hydrophobic surface to prevent water or moisture from giving birth to mold on the tile. This process is performed with Celine – a clear topical solvent based resin sealer, which not just make the shower waterproof, but also adds a slight sheen to the surface.

Once we restore your shower, you can keep its beauty forever with Valore Maintenance – a quality maintenance cleaner and sealer. Just use it once a week and keep your tile and grout sanitized with less effort. Our “Healthy Shower” service comprises these 6 incredible tile and grout restoration processes. We will offer you a beautiful looking, completely sanitized and hygienic shower with a 5-year labor warranty.


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